Tips for how to get more energy

10 ways how to get more energy

Need more energy? These 10 ways how to get more energy are easy to implement and are based on scientific research results. These top 10 methods for more energy are randomly ordered. The links will send you to blogs with detailed explanation and research results.

10 ways how to get more energy:

    1. Regular relaxation Regular relaxation  builds resilience and maintain a balanced energy level. Your body and mind will become more resistant against stress, like mental pressure or diseases. There are 9 mind body techniques that have a proven effect on your genes. Review these relaxing methods for how to get more energy.
    2. Walking in nature Nature gives us more energy. The sounds, the views and the fresh air boost energy and do not only result in relaxation, but also in healing. A 20 minute walk in the forest or along the beach gives great results already. Read how nature gives us more energy.
    3. Less sugar Avoiding sugar is a very smart choice for how to get more energy, as scientists have proven that too much refined sugar and fructose dramatically lowers your energy level and can even make you ill. Read how less sugar leads to more energy.
    4. The right music You can make your energylevel rise in two ways: to replenish energy or to boost energy. Regardless of your taste in music, there are 3 important choices that enable you to increase the positive effect of music on your energy level. Read them here.
    5. A tidy home If you wouldn’t have to clean up the mess, when you want to get to work, it saves a lot of energy. Especially a clean kitchen counter and a clean working station will motivate you to cook or to get that administrative job done. Read which 4 one-time steps you need to take to banish tidying up from your to-do-list forever.
    6. The right interior design I searched the scientific article database and found 4 proven feng shui home interior tips for more energy. There are 2 general rules to follow and 5 feng shui elements to implement into your home: water, fire, earth, metal and wood. Read the feng shui tips for more energy.
    7. Longer and better sleep Sleeping 7.5 hours of sleep or more gives you more energy throughout the day. You will sleep better, when the room is really dark, when you remove irrelevant electric devices, when you crack a window and lower the room temperature. Change your mattrass after 10 years and choose a new one that will cause the least pressure points on your body.
    8. More exercise Physical exercise will boost your metabolism and improve your sleep. Thus, balanced exercise will get you more energy. Make sure that you move and sweat for 20 minutes a day. As long as it somewhat warms up your body, cycling or walking to your destination is great for this, as it gets two things done at the same things. You’ll get even more energy when you add sports or intensive exercise to that for 2/3 times a week.
    9. Drink more water AWhen you get thirsty, you are too late already. Your body triggers thrist if you are already dehydrated. A disturbed water balance or dehydration can lead to a low blood pH (acidosis), too much potassium in your blood, low blood sugar, blood infections, hypothermia and malnutrition.
    10. Take in less dairy and meat Wetenschappelijk onderzoek heeft ondertussen meermaals bewezen dat (veel) bewerkt en dierlijk voedsel, zoals zuivel en vlees, leidt tot hoge ontstekingswaarden, hart- en vaatziekten en kanker, terwijl een op planten en onbewerkt voedsel gebaseerd dieet het tegenovergestelde effect laat zien. Heb je weinig energie, probeer dan eens voor een tijdje je dieet aan te passen. Bewijs zie je terug in de documentaire Forks over Knives (op dit moment beschikbaar op Netflix). NB: Ga je langer dan een paar dagen helemaal veganistisch, slik er dan wel vitamine B12 bij.

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Tips for how to get more energy

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