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This blog is for achievers that want to get ahead in life and make the most out of it. This blog enables to feel full of energy and ready to jumpstart your dreams, because it offers scientifically grounded advice how to get your daily energy dose. By subscribing to our email list or by visiting this blog, you’re getting weekly updates with lifestyle, health, home organisation, time management and decision making tips that guide you to an easier and fulfilling everyday life. Follow our advice, and it will open up your calendar and refuel your energy tank, so you can enjoy life and achieve your smallest and your greatest dreams.

After reading the blog on music and noise on …com, I actually implemented the advice into my everyday life. For instance, I now turn on specific playlists whenever I need a boost and use some earplugs when I need to concentrate… It totally works! ~ Thomas

This blog just launched, but I’m a fan already! ~ Anna

About the writer

My name is Maartje and I am the main writer of this blog. I live in the Netherlands and spend most of my time with my husband and at my dayjob. I love to help you grow and achieve things in life. I sometimes draw, paint, knit and crochet or adjust the fitting of my clothes with the sewing machine. But I spend most of my spare time at Zumba class, reading a book, watching my favorite Netflix series or commuting. I do most of my commuting by bike, as I hate car traffic, love nature and need the exercise. Oh, and my home is very important to me. My home and the relationship with my husband is what I am most proud of.  

I would love to get to know you as well! Please post a comment or send me an email about who you are, what your struggles are and what you’re most proud of and I happily send you a response.

2 thoughts on “About this website

  1. Dear Maartje,

    I appreciate what you are doing. Helping people to relax is more important than ever.  So many of today’s problems are caused by people whose minds and bodies are too fatigued to think clearly. Relaxation has certainly been the major challenge of my life – which is hilarious when I put it that way, because relaxation is so easy in theory.

    Do you accept guest articles? I wrote an article about entering a deep state of relaxation during the quarantine, primarily through regulating the metabolism. If you’re curious, I’d be happy to send it to you!

    Jacob Rappleyea

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